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What is a solar carport?

A solar carport does not widely differ from a conventional carport structure. It is essentially PV modules installed in place of standard roofing material, using a more substantial structure because it needs to support power generation equipment. This is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the solar industry due to the value-added advantages carports have to offer. Solar carport structures are an excellent way to maximize the utilization of existing space. A typical parking lot has no added value other than storing cars, but when the existing space can generate power and bring added value, it creates a win-win situation. With increasing incentives to encourage businesses to add solar energy, solar carports seem to be on the agenda of numerous businesses.

Benefits of Carports

  • Utilize existing parking areas to generate power without sacrificing valuable real estate
  • Offers shaded parking for cars
  • Generates clean energy
  • Fixes utility cost at a set rate
  • Increase energy production
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Maximize lot functionality
  • Minimize energy expenses
  • Reduce parking lot maintenance

Commercial Carport Structures 

Single Cantilever Carport

The single cantilever carport structure is best utilized for locations with limited space, narrow parking lots, or parking lots fenced in or up against a wall. This structure covers a single row of parking spaces. The Single Cantilever structure is offered in a downward and upward slope. Occasionally buildings and trees can obstruct sun during certain times of the day; by taking advantage of the different structure orientations you can choose which layout best fits your site to achieve your power generation goals. If the slope direction is inconsequential, the orientation of the structure comes down to the aesthetic preference of the customer. Kern Solar Structures supplied a single cantilever carport for Los Molcajetes. This specific structure has a downward tilt due to customer preference. The single downward slope cantilever allowed them to best utilize the space and meet their power generation goals.   

Double Cantilever Carport

The double cantilever structure is the standard “T” structure that offers shade to large areas. The double carport structure offers the best value because it maximizes the amount of PV module surface area while minimizing the amount of steel required to achieve that area. A few great places to put this structure would be parking lots at stadiums, malls, schools, and other locations where there are long rows of double-sided parking lanes. Kern Solar Structures put in a double cantilever structure at Immaculate Heart of Mary. This structure features tapered girders giving it a more aesthetic look.

Long Span Carport

The long span carport is the ideal structure for projects where power generation is the main goal. This structure is best utilized for a large single area that needs to be covered. Kern Solar Structures helped Bakersfield College maximize its power generation by installing a 3.1-acre long-span structure. This structure holds 3,700 solar panels that offer a shaded parking lot for cars while generating clean energy that reduces utility costs for the campus.

Inverted Cantilever

Carport The inverted cantilever carport design utilizes two large surfaces that incline them at opposite angles, this maximizes the productivity of the PV modules for both early and mid-day production.  Additionally, it offers unique solutions for rain and snow management since cantilevers are sloped towards the center of the structure. Kern Solar Structures created an inverted structure for San Joaquin High School in Fresno, CA. This project features three structures that cover a large section of the parking lot. San Joaquin added color-matched coatings to correspond with the school colors.

Kern Solar Structures Carports

Kern Solar structures offer premium solar structures in many different orientations to best fit your needs. These structures are constructed from high strength structural steel. This allows our structure to last and withstand through any sort of weather conditions. Our structures are designed to fit all major solar panels modules. Our Solar Speed RaX™ System ensures a quick installation process while not damaging the PV modules. We can give your structure a customized look by adding wraps, logos on the structure, LED lights, security cameras, monitoring systems, and more. Kern Solar Structures created a customized double cantilever carport™ for Imbibe here in Bakersfield, CA. We added two-tone grey and white urethane paint, laser cut branded Wraps, Beam BoX as well as area lighting giving it a signature look to align with Imbibes brand. Click here to check out this project!

While commercial carports are currently the hottest trend in the solar industry, Kern Solar Structures is reaching outside of the box. We are now offering residential carports! KSS residential carport is the first standardized carport available from a commercial structure provider. Many homeowners run into the issues of unusable rooftop space or a lack of availability of a standard carport. KSS created this design with the intention to solve those issues for homeowners. Kern Solar Structures is now offering three different orientation options that offer maximum energy production. These structures are freestanding, allowing it to be placed anywhere, this allows the structure to be utilized as either a carport or a shade structure that covers a patio or outdoor area creating more usable space for homeowners. If you are interested in purchasing a residential carport for your home check, out the link you can now purchase it through on our website!

Solar carports are becoming more and more popular. The benefits of these structures are substantial, they can vary from increasing energy production, fixing utility cost at a set rate, to reducing your carbon footprint. As there are many benefits to these structures there are also many orientation styles. These styles were created to best fit the needs of your project. The single cantilever was designed to offer a solution to lots with limited space. While the long-span structure was designed for power generation. At Kern Solar Structures we offer premium structures. These premium structures come in many different orientation styles that can fit all major solar panel modules. In addition to the growing demand for commercial carports, there is also a desire for a residential solution, which is why we created the residential carport. Kern Solar Structures strives to offer a solar structure solution for any solar project!

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