Utilizing state of the art technology and lean manufacturing methods, Kern Solar Structures and the management team bring over 1.4 GW of Solar PV and CSP manufacturing expertise. Rest assured, your solar structure needs will be taken care of when you select us as your solar structure fabricator.

Commercial Solar Carports

Kern Solar Structures' CarPorTs™ integrate the  Solar Speed RaX™ system of shared rails for swift installation in the field. A robust design to withstand the rigors of wind, rain and snow.

Long Span Carports

Kern Solar Structures' LongSpaN™ Carport is designed to cover large areas with a single structure in order to maximize coverage and offer several PV Module mounting options.  This carport offering is highly customizable to fit any project requirements.

Residential Solar Carports

Kern Solar Structures' Resi-PorT™ is the first residential solar carport kit offered by a major carport manufacturer.  It utilizes the Solar Speed RaX™ system to increase flexibility and reduce installation times wile accepting most full frame PV modules, making it an ideal solution for many residential solar projects.

Coated Utility Piles

Kern Solar Structures' X-Piles™, an epoxy coated steel pile, the alternative to galvanizing for utility scale projects in highly corrosive soils. The perfect solution for extreme corrosion protection and maximizing the product life expectancy.

Utility Ground Mounts

Kern Solar Structures' MaX™ Ground Mounts are a shared rail fixed ground mount system that is designed to significantly reduce installation costs through reduction in field labor costs. It is a super durable system, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Press Release: Lamborghini Newport Beach


Newport Beach

Kern Solar Structures is working with SunPower and SunGreen Systems to provide a 254-kW system to Lamborghini Newport Beach in Irvine, CA!


This project will be utilizing the Solar CarPorT™ System and consists of a single cantilever and two double cantilever carports totaling 168-kW.  These carports will be coated in a two-tone color matched Polysiloxane coating to increase the aesthetics of the structure, ensuring a long-lasting high-quality finish.  The system will be installed by SunGreen Systems in September 2020 and will support 388 435W E20 SunPower modules.


Lamborghini Newport Beach engaged SunGreen Systems for their new expansion into Irvine, CA which will house Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, and Koenigsegg dealerships.  The new dealership involved a large renovation of the existing building and the construction of additional new buildings, which will feature an additional 86-kW of rooftop solar also installed by SunGreen Systems.


SunGreen Systems partnered with SunPower and Kern Solar Structures to achieve their goals with a hybrid rooftop and carport solar system.  This system will drastically reduce their energy bills, provide clean energy to the dealership and be the first solar installation in the Irvine Auto Center. They wanted to reduce their utility costs as well as provide shaded parking for their customers, employees, and inventory.  The solar carport will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to the area that will complement the new frontage and not impede anyone’s views of these luxury super-cars.

Press Release: O'Neill Vintners & Distillers Project

Oneill Press Release

Kern Solar Structures is working with Q-Cell and Barrier Solar to provide a 638-kW system to O’Neill Wines in Parlier, CA!

This system will be utilizing the Solar CarPorT™ System and consists of 4 single cantilever and 4 double cantilever Carports which will support 1,520 of Q-Cells’ Q.PEAK DUO L-G7 420W Modules!  The system will be installed by Barrier Solar in October 2020.  By taking advantage of the SoLFasT™ Erection Method’s speed and flexibility the installation will have little to no effect on operations during the busy harvest season.

This project will increase O’Neill’s already substantial 5,000 panel solar farm capacity by an additional 30% and provide shaded storage and parking to employees and visitors.  These structures will feature a foundation without bollards to increase parking accessibility.  O’Neill is also taking advantage of some of Kern Solar Structures’ unique aesthetic offerings, by painting the structure using a color matched advanced polysiloxane coating system and adding Solar Wraps™ to the columns to increase the aesthetic appearance of the columns.

standard double cantilever solar covered parking at Imbibe Wines

Supporting better Solar

By offering a Tier 1 Product and practicing improved design and construction techniques, Kern Solar Structures strives to support better solar.  These practices are most evident when looking at the Solar CarPorT™ System. The Solar CarPorT™ System takes advantage of these techniques to decrease manufacturing, installation, and delivery times in order to manage soft costs for the installer.

Protect Your Asset

Solar carports are not immune to corrosion.  Even in a mild environment corrosion occurs.  In order to maximize your investment, and protect your asset, the proper type of coating should be applied to your solar structure.  Offering both Protective and Sacrificial coatings, Kern Solar Structures will make sure your asset is covered.

Corrosion - Mercado

Pre-configured Kits

The standardized MaX™ Ground Mount Utility Table has been optimized for minimal installation time.  This modular table can be sized in increments of 18 modules, maxing out at a table size of 90 modules, and is optimized to fit the majority of Utility Solar installations nation wide.  By maintaining the focus on both the asset owner and the installer, Kern Solar Structures' MaX™ Utility Table is an ideal fit for any utility scale project.

Available to Order Now!

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What are Solar SPeed Rax?


Solar Speed RaX™ are the unsung heroes of Kern Solar Structures.  It is a shared insertion rail that can reduce module installation time by upwards of 50%.  Learn how this racking system works and how it can help cut down on your installation times.

About Kern Solar Structures

Kern Solar Structures is leading the industry in revolutionary design and construction practices that can reduce time and save money when properly implemented.  Furthermore, Kern Solar Structures provides Solar Installers and Developers of all sizes with premium grade solar structure solutions, no matter the complexity or scale of the job.

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