Mesa™ Solar Carport

The Mesa™ Long Span Carport is the most efficient structure in Kern Solar Structures' standard design line-up.  Typically due to long spans, the Mesa™ is limited to a 3 degree tilt.  This structure is designed on a site specific basis, and can be engineered to meet the loading conditions of any site.


Kern Solar Structures currently has a 250kW project minimum for FOB carport projects, and a 500 kW project minimum for installation.

Orientation & Application

The Mesa™ Long Span Carport adapts to every site with the widest range of adjustment of any of Kern Solar Structures' standard designs.  Typically utilizing multiple rows of columns, and any array dimensions, the structure can be scaled to fit any site layout.  The structure members and mounting methods, including trackers, are adapted to each project application, offering high levels of flexibility in the structures design.

The Mesa™ can also be applied to most sites including new construction, existing infrastructure and garage-tops by utilizing numerous options for foundations.

Featured Projects

Bakersfield College

The Mesa™ Long Span Carport installed at Bakersfield College highlights how the Mesa™ fits any site demands.  Utilizing a single axis tracker system, this structure was designed to maximize PV production.

Mesa Longspan Thumbnail.91
  • Constructed from high strength structural and high tensile steel
  • Pre-Drilled for a simple, quick bolt-together assembly
  • Engineered to be compatible with most commercial grade direct-bolt PV modules
  • Available in a variety of structural steel finishes
  • Engineered to IBC 2018/ ASCE 7-16
  • Standard Wind Speed – (94mph - 180+mph)
  • Standard Snow Load – (15psf - 60+psf)
  • Multiple Foundation Options
  • Multiple PV Mounting Options
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001/AISC certified facility
  • Compatible with DSA and PACE system requirements

Protective Coatings

DTM Urethane

The DTM (Direct to Metal) Urethane is an effective coating for offering a base level of protection as well as providing a wide range of color options for the structure with little to no additional cost.  It is a single coat system meaning that only one coating is applied directly to the bare metal surface of the structure.  This coating is available in both Gloss and Semi-Gloss finished and can be color matched to the site or any branding elements.  It is the most economic protective coating, offering the shortest service life of 7-12 years in mild conditions.

DTM Urethane

The Multi-Coat Urethane is a more durable coating application.  It features multiple coats of Urethane offering significantly more protection than the DTM single coat system.  Being the same coating, it is also available in both Gloss and Semi-Gloss finishes and can be color matched.  The Multi-Coat Urethane offers a longer service life of 17-20 years.

DTM Urethane

The Zinc-Polysiloxane coating is engineered for durability and longevity.  It is a multi-coat system, featuring a zinc primer base coat and two Polysiloxane top-coats.  It as available in a Gloss finish with color match options available.  This coating has the longest service life of Kern Solar Structures' standard coatings with 29 years in mild conditions.  This coating is normally reserved for settings that have high levels of corrosion and where structure longevity is the primary goal.

Sacrificial Coatings

ASTM 123 Hot Dipped Galvanization

Kern Solar Structures offers a galvanized coating option in addition to protective coatings.  The ASTM 123 coating is a durable galvanized coating spec'ed for structural steel with a thickness of three mils and thicker.  This coating is applied after fabrication is complete when the entire structural member is hot dipped leading to a completely covered piece.  This coating has a service life of 30 years in mild conditions and overs the best value for the performed function.