Cuesta™ Light Commercial Carport

The Cuesta™ Light Commercial Carport is the solution for all small to medium sized carport projects ranging from 20kW up to 250kW.  This structure is designed for light - medium loading conditions and has a fixed tilt of 7 degrees.


The Cuesta™ is currently only available for FOB carport projects.  Kern Solar Structures does not have a minimum project size for the Cuesta™.

Orientations & Application

The Cuesta™ Light Commercial Carport utilizes a single orientation, single cantilever, which can generally accommodate any site layout. The single cantilever is based on 3 PV modules oriented in portrait.  The single cantilever is utilized to cover single row parking, and should there be a need for double row parking, two Cuesta™ structures can be utilized back to back. Using a scalable design, these structures can be efficiently scaled to achieve the desired lengths required to fit the site.  The Cuesta™ Light Commercial Carport boasts the widest range of footings for a standard design within the Kern Solar Structures line-up, allowing for any preferred installation method to be utilized by the installer.

The Cuesta™ can be applied to most new construction and existing sites.

Cuesta Website Render.74
  • Constructed from high strength structural and high tensile steel
  • Pre-Drilled for a simple, quick bolt-together assembly
  • Engineered to be compatible with most commercial grade direct-bolt PV modules
  • Standard Design Allowing for decreased project lead times
  • Engineered to IBC 2018/ ASCE 7-16
  • Standard Wind Speed – (94mph - 140mph)
  • Standard Snow Load – (0psf - 20psf)
  • Multiple Foundation Options
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001/AISC certified facility
  • Compatible with DSA and PACE system requirements

Protective Coatings

DTM Urethane

The DTM (Direct to Metal) Urethane is an effective coating for offering a base level of protection as well as providing a wide range of color options for the structure with little to no additional cost.  It is a single coat system meaning that only one coating is applied directly to the bare metal surface of the structure.  This coating is available in both Gloss and Semi-Gloss finished and can be color matched to the site or any branding elements.  It is the most economic protective coating, offering the shortest service life of 7-12 years in mild conditions.

Sacrificial Coatings

ASTM-123 Galvanization

Kern Solar Structures offers a galvanized coating option in addition to protective coatings.  The ASTM 123 coating is a durable galvanized coating spec'ed for structural steel with a thickness of three mils and thicker.  This coating is applied after fabrication is complete when the entire structural member is hot dipped leading to a completely covered piece.  This coating has a service life of 30 years in mild conditions and overs the best value for the performed function.