Why Should You Self Install?

When searching for a company to supply a solar structure, you will come across many that will insist on doing the installation themselves. While this sounds enticing, it means that your company will lose out on a large portion of the profit. However, at Kern Solar Structures we believe that as a solar contractor, you know what’s best for your installation; we encourage your company to do what it does best while letting you reap the rewards. Here are a few reasons why self-installing is the best option.

  1. Increased Potential Profit
    Due to the fact that Kern Solar Structures is strictly a manufacturer of carport structures, we empower your company to take over installation. In doing so, we bring one of the biggest cost centers back into your company’s profit margin, giving you a larger potential for profit. Not only do you increase your potential for profit, you gain control over the entire installation process, where in the past a third party would be in control of a majority of the project. While some of our competitors require that they do installation themselves, we strive to give your company the freedom and the rewards that you deserve.
  2. Greater Cost Control
    According to a study done by the Rocky Mountain Institute, in partnership with Georgia Tech Research Institute, soft costs (otherwise known as variable costs) account for 64% of the total cost in solar structures. While fixed costs such as the structure and its materials cannot be altered, soft costs can be addressed and minimized. Additionally, by performing your own installation you can ensure the regulation of soft costs, especially labor. This grants you the ability to maintain more control over bids and project pricing leading to a higher potential for your business’s success. This is another way our flexibility benefits your business; when you can oversee the time spent on installation and electrical work, you are in control of the soft costs for the project.
  3. System Availability
    Our streamlined design and proprietary installation method can easily expedite your installation process. Unlike our competitors who project an install time of 3 to 5 weeks, our carports can be installed in 3 to 5 days. This can help your company cut installation costs by more than half. Furthermore, our simplified design means that you can use a ground mount or residential crew to perform the install, without having to use a specialized crew and reducing startup overhead.

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