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Kern Solar Structures is one of only a few solar structure suppliers that employs a manufacturer direct approach in order to provide the best product at competitive costs, while actively offering independent solar contractors the tools they need to install our structures themselves. Our approach provides independent installers/contractors an alternative to the current system of manufacturer/installer companies that charge ever increasing costs for installation which only serves to increase a project’s overall cost while decreasing the profit margin of the independent solar contractor.

What sets Kern Solar Structures apart from the pack is our unique approach. Similar to our parent company which has made a name for itself in the steel structure fabrication industry, working with high profile clients such as the US Military, our approach to Solar is much the same: make the strongest structure utilizing high quality materials, using fewer pieces, and the simplest connections. This leads to a simple, yet aesthetically and visually appealing design. We are also aware of the capabilities of the average solar contractor and understand they don’t always have the specialized skillset and equipment that a steel erector, like ourselves, has access to. This understanding has driven multiple design decisions dealing with our installation process. We have developed a proprietary installation process which not only provides an easier install, but also a faster install, which in most cases is accomplished in 3-5 days.

We are whole-heartedly committed to the installer. But our commitment does not stop there. We realize that adopting a new installation methodology can be daunting at the very least. To aid transitions we offer complimentary jobsite assistance on structures of 100KW capacity and up. Additionally, we offer free installation training at our facilities in Bakersfield, CA. This is all in an attempt to make your job easier and help transition you to a better model.

Our mission of providing superior products and services continues with our commitment to design. We believe a premium product must be accompanied by a line of premium add-ons and customizable options. For our Commercial Solar CarPorT System™ we offer an ever-growing list of coating types and colors, with three standard options, as well as an array of unique features such as lighting and displays.

Furthermore, we think it is important to protect one’s investment, which is why our structures are engineered to have the same projected lifetime as the Premium PV modules that will be installed on it. We find it is necessary to aim for longevity and security even when it is not a common industry practice.

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