Solar Carport™ Projects

standard double cantilever solar carport at imbibe wine

Imbibe Wines

This Double Cantilever CarPorT™ is Installed at Imbibe Wines in Bakersfield, CA. It is a standard double cantilever solar carport design supported by 4 columns. This CarPorT™ design offered a unique opportunity to showcase the customizable features offered by Kern Solar Structures. The solar covered parking structure is coated with 2-tone gray and white powder…

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PavSolar GroundMount Solar Structure

Pav Solar

This solar carport structure was erected in Bakersfield, Ca at Pav Solar. It was the first solar carport structure erected using Kern Solar Structure’s Solar CarPorT™ design. Pav Solar’s solar carport structure features the Single Cantilever CarPorT™ design which made it ideal for the single row parking space. Our Single Cantilever CarPorT™ features a pre-engineered…

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single cantilever galvanized structure commercial solar canopy restaurant

Los Molcajetes

This is a solar canopy project that examplifies The CarPorT™ structure. We installed The CarPorT™at Los Molcajetes in Bakersfield, CA which is a standard down tilt single cantilever carport. It has 4 columns that support the structure and features a galvanized structure. This project shows how a CarPorT™ and roof mount can be combined to…

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Patagonia carport with solar panels row at Patagonia Company

Patagonia Headquarters

From bid to installation, of a carport with solar panels, you can count on us to get your project done right. General Contractor Hartigan/Foley did. Jerry Brown, the superintendent for the project said, “The scheduling, erection and attention to detail and cleanliness of the sight were exactly what we needed.” Hartigan/Foley hired us to do…

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Solar CarPorT at BC

Bakersfield College

Campuses like Bakersfield College are under immense pressure to bring down costs and one way Bakersfield decided to do this was by installing PV panels using the Kern Solar Structure CarPorT™. The solar panel carport structure was built in 5 months and features a 3.1-acre CarPorT™ with 3700 solar panels.

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double cantilever commercial solar carport structure under view in church paring lot

Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Immaculate Heart of Mary project uniquely showcases the variety and customizability of the CarPorT™ structure itself. This site features a double cantilever CarPorT™ with tapering girders. The look provides a more streamlined appearance that can be applied in a multitude of different scenarios further increasing the available aesthetic options that can be applied to…

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Inner Valley GroundMount Solar Structure

Inner Valley Trucking Solar CarPorT

This Solar CarPorT™, installed at Inner Valley Trucking in Kingsburg, California took 2 days to complete. It consists of galvanized steel beams and purlins as well as our aluminum SpeedRax™ system.

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Solar CarPorT solar parking canopy at KHSD

Kern High School District Office Solar CarPorTs

The Kern High School District Office made the decision to switch to solar. Being limited in space but wanting maximum efficiency they decided to go with solar car ports. Kern Solar Structure CarPorTs™ were installed with optimal placement to ensure that the solar panels would get the most sunlight without the need for extra space…

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