Groundmount Projects

GroundMount Solar Structure, ground mounts for solar panels for HOA in Arvin

Ski West

This GroundMount™ solar mounting system was installed at Ski West Village, HOA, in Arvin, California and is set to power the well for the lake at this private community. This ground mounts for solar panels installation structure is set to produce 100,000 kilowatts in the first year and contains 168 sun power modules.

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Solar GroundMounts Solar Structure next to field

Westside Produce Solar GroundMounts

This one megawatt, ground mounted solar electric system installed at the forced-air fruit cooling facility in Firebaugh, CA to maintain their produce at optimum temperature used the Kern Solar Structures GroundMount™ system to ensure a long-lasting solid solar structure.

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solar panel ground mounts Solar Structure panel close up

UGE: Fortis TCI Solar GroundMounts

Our Robust Kern Solar Structure GroundMount™ system can withstand even the toughest of wind. Shown here is the 200mph system that was implemented in these solar ground mounts at Turks and Caicos, an island known for their constant vicious winds.

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