A Premium Solar Carport Meant To Last.

Kern Solar Structures' CarPorT™ is a premium solar structure that surpasses expectations. Our solar carport is built exclusively with strong structural steel to endure any sort of wind conditions your installation site may deal with. It accepts all major solar panels, which means there won’t be fitting problems regardless of the specifications of panel you decide on using. Our Solar Speed RaX™ shared rail system ensures a sturdier solar carport system and permits a solid build with fewer fasteners. Fewer small parts means fewer repairs and a cleaner design. A clean design with a grounded cable management allows for an aesthetically pleasing carport combined with a powerful frame made from long-lasting material.

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  • Constructed from high strength structural steel
  • Pre-Drilled for a simple, quick bolt-together assembly
  • Powerful, aesthetic design that strengthens your brand
  • Engineered to be compatible with most commercial grade PV modules
  • Available in a variety of structural steel finishes (including zero-VOC, non-toxic environmentally sensitive system)

Basic Technical Specifications
  • Engineered to IBC 2018/ ASCE 7-16
  • Standard Wind Speed – (110mph and Up)
  • Designed as a UL 2703 solar support system
  • Cast-in-Place Concrete Pile with Embedded Column (eliminating the need for anchor bolts)
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001/AISC certified facility
  • Compatible with DSA and PACE system requirements

Standard CarPorT™ Orientations

Double Cantilever

The Double Cantilever CarPorT™ is the standard for covering large areas. It is ideal for maximizing your solar presence and looks great while doing it. The Double Cantilever solar carport covers two rows of parking spaces at the same time and can be scaled to fit any size lot due to its modular design. The solar panels can be oriented so the incline faces either direction to best fit the site’s location according to the sun.

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double cantilever commercial solar carport

commercial inverted cantilever solar carport

Inverted Cantilever

The Inverted Cantilever CarPorT™ takes the standard Double Cantilever solar carport design and improves upon it. Instead of one large surface, the Inverted Cantilever design utilizes two surfaces and inclines them at opposing angles in order to maximize the productivity of the PV Modules by orienting itself for both early and mid day production. The Inverted Cantilever also adds interesting visual appeal as the upward facing wings boast an eye catching appearance.

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Single Cantilever

The Single Cantilever CarPorT™ is an ideal solar carport choice for cites that are limited in space. It is best utilized when shading a single row of parking spaces in a confined area such as residential complexes or restaurants. The Single Cantilever solar carport design is available in two orientations that can be chosen from depending on site location and orientation in order to maximize the productivity of your PV Modules. It is easily scalable and can fit any locations needs.

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commercial solar carport single cantilever side view

PV Module Specifications

This system is compatible with a large range of PV Modules by utilizing Solar Speed RaX™. Though Tier 1 modules are recommended, most widely produced modules can be used.

If a module you are spec'ing is not on the pre-approved list, use these criteria to determine a module's compatibility.

Minimum Dimensions

Length: 76” (1950mm)


Width: 36” (914mm)


Height: 1.26” (32mm)

Maximum Dimensions

82” (2083mm)


39 3/8” (1000mm)


1.81” (46mm)



Protective Coatings

Kern Solar Structures offers a wide range of applied coatings in the form of liquid, dry, epoxy, and hi-solids.  Kern Solar Structures has access to one of the largest enclosed paint booths on the West Coast, and performs all coating procedures in house, excluding galvanization.

Coatings are applied in EPA compliant facilities, and our AISC Complex Coating Systems Certification (SSPC QP-3 Equivalent) documents our ability to provide quality work. Every step of the coating process is documented using state of the art inspection equipment, and our facilities meet the required specifications for coating companies warranties for all coatings applied.

Kern Solar Structures offers three standard applied protective coatings and a standard galvanized coating available for all CarPorTs™. Custom coatings can also be provided upon request.


Kern Solar Structures uses Sherwin Williams as the primary coating supplier for the Solar CarPorT™.  For color selection please reference the 4000 Series Color System.  If a color cannot be found in the 4000 Series, color match services are available.

DTM Urethane

The DTM (Direct to Metal) Urethane is an effective coating for offering a base level of protection as well as providing a wide range of color options for the structure with little to no additional cost.  It is a single coat system meaning that only one coating is applied directly to the bare metal surface of the structure.  This coating is available in both Gloss and Semi-Gloss finished and can be color matched to the site or any branding elements.  It is the most economic protective coating, offering the shortest service life of 7-12 years in mild conditions paired with a warranty from the coating supplier.

Kern Solar Structures standard gloss and semi gloss coatings

Multi-coat Urethane

The Multi-Coat Urethane is a more durable coating application.  It features multiple coats of Urethane offering significantly more protection than the DTM single coat system.  Being the same coating, it is also available in both Gloss and Semi-Gloss finishes and can be color matched.  The Multi-Coat Urethane offers a longer service life of 17-20 years and is accompanied with a warranty from the coatings provider.

Kern Solar Structures standard gloss and semi gloss coatings


The Zinc-Polysiloxane coating is engineered for durability and longevity.  It is a multi-coat system, featuring a zinc primer base coat and two Polysiloxane top-coats.  It as available in a Gloss finish with color match options available.  This coating has the longest service life of Kern Solar Structures' standard coatings with 29 years in mild conditions and is also accompanied with a coatings supplier warranty.  This coating is normally reserved for settings that have high levels of corrosion and where structure longevity is the primary goal.

Kern Solar Structures Standard Semi Gloss Coating

Sacrificial Coatings

ASTM 123 Hot Dipped Galvanization

Kern Solar Structures offers a galvanized coating option in addition to protective coatings.  The ASTM 123 coating is a durable galvanized coating spec'ed for structural steel with a thickness of three mils and thicker.  This coating is applied after fabrication is complete when the entire structural member is hot dipped leading to a completely covered piece.  This coating has a service life of 30 years in mild conditions and overs the best value for the performed function.



Solar Wraps™ are a highly customizable accessory that make Kern Solar Structures CarPorTs™ one of a kind.  The base offering simply hides electrical conduit and wiring leading to a cleaner installed appearance.  But with Solar Wraps™, the sky is the limit. With back-lit company logos, artistic designs, digital and interactive displays, parking management, and even security kiosks, Solar Wraps™ add additional value that is not offered by any other carport manufacturer.

Kern Solar Structures prides itself on providing long lasting value to customers.  With this in mind, Solar Wraps™ are replaceable and interchangeable.  This means that if a tennant/owner leaves and the branded elements or equipment is no longer applicable, the Wraps™ can be updated, or even removed to fit the new occupant's needs.

Solar Wraps™ are available in any finish provided, and Kern Solar Structures is always open to developing new value added solutions for Solar Wraps™.  If you do not see a Wraps™ solution that fits your needs please contact a Kern Solar Structures representative to inquire.

Basic Solar Wrap
Solar Wrap with laser cut logo
Solar Wraps with Digital display installed

Mounting RaX

Mounting RaX™ are an adaption of Solar Wraps™ for structural or key electrical systems mounting.

These specialized Wraps™ are made from a heavier material to ensure that these key components are properly secured to the structure and meet all code requirements.

Solar Sure RaX with Inverter installed

SureRaX™ Electrical and Inverter Mounting

SureRaX™ Are a specialized version of Wraps™ created specifically for electrical and inverter mounting needs.  These Wraps™ are typically placed on the last column of the structure, or wherever an inverter needs to be placed if the table is broken into multiple strings.  SureRaX™ can accommodate any commercially available inverter.  At time of signing inverter specification will be confirmed.

Solar Wrap with EV charger installed

EV-RaX™ EV Charging Stations

EV-RaX™ are a specialized version of Wraps™ designed to support and manage EV charging equipment.  With the use of EV-RaX™ chargers are placed closer to the vehicles that need them, removing the need of having standalone charging equipment.  When EV-RaX™ are implemented a cleaner, less invasive installation results, that is optimized for EV owners and users.  EV-RaX™ accommodate most big name EV Chargers.  Equipment will be confirmed at time of signing.


GaskeX™ is Kern Solar Structures' solution for water-proofing.  It is a single sided foam tape that is applied to a single side of the module frame.  When installed the GaskeX™ strip replaces the typical gap present for module spacing, creating a singular, near watertight surface between modules and SpeedRax™.  Because of the nature of the foam, GaskeX™ still allows for module movement and expansion due to heat, all while maintaining the seal.

Typically any leakage is led off and managed by the SpeedRax™ due to their profile.  The canopy is only near water tight since most PV modules themselves are not water tight and leak where the frame and glass meet.

It is easiest installed onto the modules (all excluding the last one in the row) while they are still stacked on the pallet, and easily accessible on the ground.

Additional accessories

The list of accessories doesn't stop at coatings and Wraps™.  The need for unique architectural offerings as well as growing security concerns have driven implementation and utilization of systems that are not commonplace in carport structures.  This is a list of additional accessories and customization offerings that Kern Solar Structures can include in a Solar CarPorT™ design.

Security Cameras & Systems

LED Area Lighting

Extended Clearance Heights

Parking Monitoring Systems

WATER/Snow/Ice Management Systems

Custom Canopy Widths

Solfast™ Installation Method

The SoLFasT™ Installation method is a proprietary install process unique to Kern Solar Structures.

Designed and engineered to speed up installations, the SoLFasT™ method boasts an impressive installation speed of 3-5 days per structure. Not only does this increase customer satisfaction, but it significantly reduces the soft costs associated with installations providing the installer with greater control over project pricing and time frames.

Due to the increased speed of installation, The SoLFasT™ method allows for large installations to be staggered at different times. This means that only small portions of parking lots have to be sectioned off at a time for the installation. This leaves a majority of the lot still available for use, instead of closing the entire area, while ensuring the entire project is completed in a timely manner.

Install Overview

Day 1


  • Install 30" Borings
  • Assemble and place SoLFasT™ Stands
carport install.56
carport install.58

Day 2


  • Assemble Solar CarPorT™ System
  • Install Electrical Conduit & Grounding Grid
  • Inspect Structure, Electrical, and Forms

Day 3


carport install.59

Day 4-5


  • Complete Electrical Installation

Day 6-7


  • Enjoy the Weekend!

Day 8


  • Remove SoLFasT™ Stands

Installation Training

Kern Solar Structures offers free on-site training for installations of projects 100kw and up. This ensures the first installations using SoLFasT™ go smoothly leaving behind a crew that feels comfortable self performing installs in the future. The SoLFasT™ Method is simple enough to where it normally only takes one job in order for the crew to feel confident in their ability to self install. The ease of the system means that a specialized crew is not required in order to successfully complete the installations, further lowering soft costs.

Become an Installation Partner

Kern Solar Structures is always looking for interested parties to provide installation and other services for projects.  Because Kern Solar Structures does not self-perform installations, partnerships with 3rd party vendors is crucial to successfully complete projects.

If you represent an interested party who provides installation or other services listed below please contact us to become an installation or service provider partner.


- Engineering & Architectural Services
- Carport Installation
- Carport Maintenance and Inspection
- 30" Boring Installation
- Soil spoils disposal
- Rebar Cage Fabrication
- Concrete Pumping
- Geotechnical Investigations
- Ground Mount Installation

- Ground Mount Maintenance and Inspection
- Pile Installation
- PV Module Installation
- Soil Corrosion Analysis
- Cathodic Protection System Design
- Cathodic Protection System Installation
- Trucking & Shipping
- Equipment Rental

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green manufactures commercial solar carport structures

100% Manufactured Using Power From The Sun

Manufactured using generated power from the solar structure at Kern Steel Fabrication. Built at Kern Steel’s Green Powered AISC Certified Facility incorporating more than 88% Recycled Content.

solar carport fewer bolted connections

68% Fewer Bolted Field Connections

We only use solid steel in our solar carports. We don’t incorporate light-weight purlins or thin gauge metals, resulting in a more durable solar carport that won’t get easily damaged. 12% less steel by weight, and 25% fewer structural components.

solar carport quick installation icon

As Fast as 3-Day Installation

We understand that you have a business to run and need a quick installation, our solar carports are installed in a timely fashion with very little impact to operations.

columns icon for x-piles

SpeedRax™ System

The light-weight aluminum rail makes installation of our solar carports a breeze. PV panels are installed from underneath to ensure no damage is caused during installation.. LEARN MORE ▸


Clean Design

An all-steel construction using fewer components results in an immaculate design. Grounding and cable management integrated in the solar structure is for aesthetic purposes.


Premium Value Investment

The solar carport installer sees value through reduced installation costs while the asset owner realizes an immediate return on their investment by minimizing the impact on their operations and reaching their power production objectives more efficiently.

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