Don't Let Your Panel Outlast Your Pile

A heavy-duty pile designed to withstand extremely corrosive soils. They’re coated with 20 mils of our Envirolast 627™ and have a corrosion rate of approximately 1 mil per year. When comparing to alternate piles such as galvanizing you can expect a service life of up to 30 years! That’s x times as long as using galvanized pilings.

Why X-Piles™?

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Over 90% of Hole Patterns Supported

We provide hole patterns for all major brands including Array Technologies, NeXTracker and Sunlink

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Save Thousands in Corrosion Maintenance

When installed in the extreme corrosive soils that they were designed for, they'll end up saving you thousands of dollars in corrosive maintenance expenses throughout the life of your project

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100% Manufactured using power from the Sun

using generated power from the sun built at Kern Steel's Green Powered AISC Certified Facility incorporating more than 88% Recycled Content.

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Excellent Adhesion and Abrasion Resistance

Envirolast 627™, the coating we use on our X-Piles™ features superior resistance to abrasive factors that are typically present during vibratory and high impact installations. The tenacious adhesion to the substrate that prevents shearing of the film from the surface make this solar pile the ideal solution for rough terrain.

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1000+ Piles in Days

Our X-Piles™ have a dry-to-handle time of minutes thanks to Envirolast 627™, allowing us the capability to produce thousands of piles in days, keeping your project on schedule.

Scott Ellis

Scott Ellis is the General Manager at Kern Solar Structures with responsibility for Production, Coatings, Maintenance, Quality and EHS Compliance.

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