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Bakersfield, 28th November 2017

Kern Steel Fabrications, a structural steel fabricator with the reputation for often exceeding project requirements, client expectations and quality has decided to expand its business and branch out into a greener venture.

Kern Solar Structures, a commercial solar structure company launched in June. The focus of this new company is providing steel structures to commercial contractors and solar companies to install their photo-voltaic cells on. 

The company will reside at 627 Williams Street in Bakersfield and will be run by current general manager Scott Ellis, who brings over 35 years of manufacturing and assembly operations experience within the steel, glass, aluminum and plastics industries.

Kern Solar Structures will be focusing on 3 primary products. Solar X-Pile, an epoxy coated pile that will provide a superior alternative to galvanizing for utility scale projects in highly corrosive soils, Solar GroundMounts, a shared rail fixed ground mount system that is designed to significantly reduce installation costs throughout reduction in field labor costs, and Solar CarPorTs™ , which will be integrating a system of shared rails for swift installation while offering shade and protection against the elements for vehicles.

The services are perfect for investors and operators as they can be assured that the system they install is robust enough to maximize the value of the asset over its service life.

For more information contact us via phone at 661.912.0560 our visit our website.