Kern High School District Office Solar CarPorTs

The Kern High School District Office made the decision to switch to solar. Being limited in space but wanting maximum efficiency they decided to go with solar car ports. Kern Solar Structure CarPorTs™ were installed with optimal placement to ensure that the solar panels would get the most sunlight without the need for extra space while also providing shade for vehicles.

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Coated Solar Steel Piles

Solar X-Piles™

X-Piles™ are heavy duty piles designed to withstand extremely corrosive soils...

ground solar panel mounts Solar Structure close up shot of panels

Solar GroundMounts™

Our GroundMount™ features an innovative shared rail ground mount system...

Kern High GroundMount Solar Structure

Solar CarPorTs™

Our Solar CarPorT™ is a premium product mean to accept all major PV panels...