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The Solar Investment Tax Credit and What You Need to Know About Upcoming Changes.

What is the Solar Investment Tax Credit? And Why do these upcoming changes matter? While these changes might not impact a residential owner as significantly, when dealing with large scale Commercial and Utility projects, 4% goes a long way and can save thousands. The Solar Investment Tax Credit In order to encourage the growth of […]


Why Should You Self Install?

When searching for a company to supply a solar structure, you will come across many that will insist on doing the installation themselves. While this sounds enticing, it means that your company will lose out on a large portion of the profit. However, at Kern Solar Structures we believe that as a solar contractor, you […]


Kern Solar Structures : About Us

Kern Solar Structures is one of only a few solar structure suppliers that employs a manufacturer direct approach in order to provide the best product at competitive costs, while actively offering independent solar contractors the tools they need to install our structures themselves. Our approach provides independent installers/contractors an alternative to the current system of […]


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